A Light Future for Indian Airline

GoAir, one of India’s budget airlines, recently made a stunning announcement: it will no longer hire male flight attendants. All the men currently on GoAir’s cabin crews will keep their jobs, but future openings will be limited to women. Any complaints about gender discrimination can be sent to GoAir’s corporate office, where they will be […]

Getting intimate with the airport security officer

Don’t you just hate terrorists? Even when they fail, they make life difficult for us. Back in December 2001, just three months after 9/11, Richard Reid, a passenger on an American Airlines flight, tried to ignite explosives hidden in his shoes. Fortunately for everyone on board, Reid’s shoe size was considerably higher than his IQ. […]

Fly T-class and enjoy your freedom

Sometimes you don't need a ticket to travel on a commercial airline. You just need a maintenance job at the airport. You can sneak onto a plane just before takeoff and fly T-class. That's toilet class. An Indian man who returned to his home country from Saudi Arabia on an Air India flight without a ticket […]

Save money — get a cardboard windshield

Just when you thought it was safe to drive on the highway, just when you felt relieved that the government had banned cell phones while driving, here comes a truck with a windshield made of cardboard. And a bright-as-a-turnip driver who's sticking his head out the window to see where he's going. (Straight to the unemployment line, that's […]

A ticket for not going metric

If you drive between Canada and America, as I occasionally do, you have to learn to switch between the metric system and the Imperial system. Not all signs are like the one pictured here, specifying the unit of measurement. And if you aren't careful, you might find yourself getting a speeding ticket in Canada or […]

Air India: Not too crowded

If an Air India flight is fully booked, don't worry. They might still have space for you, if not in economy or first class, then definitely in the cockpit.  Air India is once again in trouble. The airline, in a shocking violation of air safety norms, allowed three extra passengers on board a full-loaded flight. […]

Thank goodness for the Pickle Squad

Flying can be scary. You never know what the other passengers are up to. Some might want to hijack the plane, some might want to detonate shoe bombs in mid-flight and some might want to threaten everyone with their homemade mango pickle: "Show me a Bollywood movie NOW or I'll set your tongue on fire!" Thank goodness for the Pickle […]

A sweet apology on the train

When it comes to providing service to customers, nobody's perfect. But what separates the good companies from the rest is their desire to rectify the mistakes, to make things better. Just look at the fine example Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) set this week. When passengers aboard the Delhi-Mumbai August Kranti Rajdhani express […]

Airlines cutting down on extra weight

Next time you fly, don't be surprised if the plastic fork and spoon you get with your airline meal are shorter than your little finger. Airlines are trying to reduce the weight of items on the plane, hoping to save on fuel costs. In the United States, Northwest Airlines has excluded spoons from its cutlery […]

Flying much safer than driving

Whenever there’s a major plane crash, people get anxious about flying. They postpone their vacations  or try to drive to faraway destinations, overwhelming Yahoo and Google with search terms such as “driving distance from West Virginia to Hawaii.” But here’s what everyone needs to know: aviation accidents are extremely rare, even if we include all […]