Population explosion in India

It was only a decade ago that India's population reached one billion. But it's now so much higher than Train that.

State-owned Indian railways is an immense network connecting every corner of the vast country. More than 6 billion people travel by train in India every year. [Link]

Yikes! Talk about population explosion!

I knew this would happen, I just knew it. India's population growth was just fine until the turn of the century — and then someone had to go and invent Viagra.

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  1. I think in coming years we need to lay down new railway lines bcoz population in India cann’t be control for next few years. U can see example of Delhi metro or mumbai locals

  2. India didn’t need Viagra for its population to explode. Trust me!

  3. I think measure steps can be taken for the decrease in population,specially in metro cities,spread of general awareness,or to give special class for the illiterate with no cost of money.

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